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Project 121 is an initiative of the YR Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation. It leverages technology and the spirit of volunteering to connect the community of Chennai to specialised health services notably for AIDS/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), sexually transmitted infections and the Hepatitis C Virus. The project works with young people in particular, helps them understand the behaviours that put them at risk, and connect them to counselling and testing.  The project uses mobile technology to conduct short surveys to assess the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in the community, and assesses what perpetrates stigma.

At the core of project are -

  • “121 Volunteers”, a brigade of enthusiastic youngsters from city colleges who perform “door knocks”, and promote the project and its benefits to the community and engage them one to one  (1-2-1)
  • “YRG121” a mobile APP, that offers up to date health education and connects those in need of medical assistance to a team of empanelled service providers. 
  • "1-2-1 helpdesk” by staff and volunteers who address queries and concerns of callers on infectious diseases, their prevention, and treatment. 


2000 students from fifteen city based colleges are participating in PROJECT 1-2-1 to create India’s first entirely volunteer driven field initiative by young people for young people, guided by an experienced team at the YR Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRGCARE). Volunteers receive a special copy of the 1-2-1 APP, which assists them to conduct surveys about perceptions of risk and stigma, register cases, connect individuals with resource and technology challenges by voice calls to the HELPLINE, and be available for 1-2-1 support until the HELPLINE takes over.


The APP provides health education and serves as an important resource for the services offered by YRGCARE and is a 24/7 companion to the YRG1-2-1 helpline. Further, it links to 25+ empanelled service providers that include clinicians, mental health expert, and social service organisations who offer offer treatment, counselling, support and health services. relating to women and child abuse, dementia, end of life support, orphans and vulnerable children, residential care for the elderly, general counselling services. The APP is bilingual - English and Tamil, and is available for Android and iOS devices, to be expanded to other platforms shortly.


A cloud based state of the art voice server supports a HELPLINE by staff and volunteers. This service will initially be available Mon-Sat 8 AM to 8 PM. HELPLINE “agents” will register and resolve cases. The HELPLINE can be reached at 044- 3412 5000
Mr. Ganesh Aylur Kailasam, Project Manager at YRG Foundation, who along with his team is spearheading this project says, “This project fosters a culture of volunteering to bring humanitarian outcomes, especially in public health. We welcome young people, in educational institutions and the community, to embrace public service, and to engage with the community. Volunteering opens new vistas in thought, and broadens an appreciation for collaboration and collective action that delivers sustainable solutions. The reward is both the journey and the destination.”


This project is supported by the MAC AIDS Fund. The M·A·C AIDS Fund's mission is to serve people of All Ages, All Races, All Sexes affected by HIV and AIDS. To partner with the bold, the visionary and the brave who confront the epidemic in countries and communities where people are most neglected, off the radar and at highest risk. Responsive, agile and alert, MAF funds innovative programs that deal directly with the most marginalized, stigmatized and under-heard victims. MAF celebrates humanity, life, creativity and individuality. Making a difference, one VIVA GLAM lipstick at a time.


Co-founded in 1985 by the late Dr Suniti Solomon, the YRG Foundation, with its main clinics in Chennai and Nellore, and affiliate services in several states of India, is an internationally recognized non-profit that pioneers HIV prevention, care and research through the YRG Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRGCARE).
YRGCARE’s expertise includes HIV, HCV, TB and STD care for over 19000 individuals, outreach prevention services, a NABL accredited laboratory, medical and counseling training, and a vast portfolio of clinical, laboratory and behavioural research. Its wide array of services include HIV treatment, care and support; sexuality and treatment education; anonymous testing for HIV/STI; matrimonial services; reproductive health and obstetric care; pediatric care and therapeutic recreation camps for children with HIV; and clinics for men having sex with men and people who inject drugs.

The Foundation’s livelihood initiative ‘ECO Kitchen’ champions livelihoods and food security initaitives to bring economic stability within families affected by social and economic challenges.

For more information, please visit : www.yrgcare.org and www.ecokitchen.org

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